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Left in charge ... {Log}

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Left in charge ... {Log}

Post by Tasha Masterson on Sun May 09, 2010 4:18 am

He had been walking around the garden, looking at all the flowers and trees smiling when he saw the small animals doing their normal routine. They even came up to him every once in a while and gave him a few berries here and there. Smiling and thanking them he would pop the berries into his mouth as he kept on walking around.

Tasha stood out on the balcony watching Ha'Ruil out in the gardens. He seemed so at peace out there amongst the little creatures. She couldn't help but smile as she watched him. She was peeling an orange and putting the peels in a small bucket. Once the orange was peeled she leaned over the railing to pull apart the orange slices and eat them as she watched him.

He stopped for a moment as he felt someone was watching, He looked around for a moment before he looked up seeing his beautiful girlfriend looking down at him. He just smiled as he started to shift into a sparrow and started to fly up to her.

She laughed and it was one of those bubbly laughs that carried pure innocent joy. It was a sound that was often heard, especially from her. She held out her hand with her finger pointed so he could land on it.

He flapped his wings keeping an eye out on predators as he swiftly flew up to her, he slowly descended and landed on her finger.

~Where have you been all my life?~

She laughed again and then gently kissed the side of his beak before she put him down so he could shift. "I love you ya know?"

He hopped off her finger as he shifted back to his elf form.

"You do huh?"

He just smiled again as he grabbed a slice of the orange and popped it into his mouth.

She laughed as she wrapped her arms around him. "Oh yes, I definitely do." The she rose up on her tip toes and kissed him deeply. She knew the kiss would taste like oranges, but she didn't think he would mind. And there was still plenty left if he wanted some of it as well.

He put his arms around him and chuckled as he kissed her back just as deeply. After a few moment he leaned back a little and smiled.

"And why is that my love?"

She smiled as she released him and offered him a slice of orange. "I have to have a reason?" She smiled at him some more. Truth be told, she was rather worried about Venis. Manny had told them that she was at the keep, but that wasn't as reassuring as it should have been. But she was in charge at the moment, so she was extremely thankful that Ha'Ruil was there with her.

He leaned down and took the orange from her fingers keeping his lips on the tips of her fingers before letting go and chewing on the slice.

~I just thought I would ask~

He chuckled again. He was truly happy with Tasha at his side.

She placed another chaste kiss upon his lips while he ate the slice. "I was just getting ready to head up to Venis' room to get the money for the Inn bill for another couple of months. Venis counted it out and bagged it in three month increments. Wanna come up with me?" She had to deal with all the goings on that had to do with the Inn and those who were staying in it in Venis' absence, which included paying the bills. She didn't mind the work, but she was still worried about Venis. She hadn't said anything before she left, she was just suddenly gone.

He just smiled as he kept his arms around her.

"That is fine love."

He slowly moved his hands down to her ass cheeks and gave her a light pinch......or at least as much of a pinch that he could do with her tight pants on.

She laughed and wiggled slightly. "Come on dear, let's go." She turned in his arms and walked free of him. She headed back into their room and then out the door. She took the stairs up to the fifth floor, turning to make sure he was behind her. As she headed up she grabbed her phone and called Manny. She asked him if there were any packages today, because she knew Venis was expecting one. When he said no she asked him to come up and pick up the money to pay the Inn bill.

He just smiled as he walked up behind her on the stairs. man how he loved that ass of hers, and she always knew how provocative her movements were to him. He would go the ends of the Rhydin and back again for her.

She opened Venis' door and headed in. "Close the door behind you please dear. I don't want anyone to mistakenly think she was in." She looked around to see if Eros was still around. She didn't want to call his name because if he was busy somewhere else, she didn't want to disturb him.

He just nodded as he closed the door behind them.

"So this is Venis's room huh?"

He has only seen it in passing glances so now it was a little clearer of how big this place was.

She chuckled as she headed over to the work area. "Yep, feel free to look around, tough I suggest you knock before you enter her room, it's the one on the right. Eros might be in there sleeping and if he's anything like V, he sleeps nude." She laughed some more as she pulled a trunk out from under the desk. It had some weight to it, so she dragged it. But it wasn't a difficult drag, superior strength and all.

He just chuckled a little as he nodded at her.

"Then I will just leave that room alone then. I really do not want to see another mans wang."

He said before looking around.

If Tasha had anything in her mouth she would have spit it at that point. "Wang? Love, where did you pick up that word?" She had heard that word somewhere before. Though she couldn't place it. She thought it was one of those 'Brat Pack' movies from 1980's Earth.

He moved his hand around looking up at the ceiling.

"From one of those earth movies that we have watched. why is there something wrong with that word?"

Earth customs were extremely weird, certain things pissed people off and those same things would have people laughing.

She chuckled. "No dear, it's just a funny word." She had the chest open and pulled out a bag of coins. She set it on the desk and began to go through the mail from the last few days.

He just smiled as he walked around before walking up behind her and put his hands on her hips.

"So have you been having a good day."

She smiled. "Always when I'm with you my love." She was flipping through envelopes as she turned her head to kiss him softly. She saw something that looked important so she opened it up. It was a massive from the man who was getting the gold for the package that Venis was waiting on. Something had been wrong with his last shipment. So the package was delayed. She quickly penned a response and put it into an envelope. Manny could have it delivered when he headed downstairs. If he ever got up to the fifth floor that was.

He kissed her back as he kept his hands on her hips and putting his chin on her shoulder.

"After you take care of all the things that you need to do. Is there anything that you would like to do?"

They have mostly just stayed in their rooms watching movies or other things that couples do.

She was flipping through more envelopes as she listened to him. "Um, could you peek in and see if Eros is in? The bed is positioned so that if you barely open the door you could see his feet if he's there. If he is, ask him if he would like to join us for lunch. Otherwise, we can have lunch just the two of us, and if you're up for it, maybe some shopping later. There is a wedding coming up." She still had no idea what to get Gwen and Manny for a wedding gift.

He just smiled as he nipped at her neck lightly before he let go of her and walked over to the door knocking on it before he slowly opened up the door just a crack to see if Eros was in there.

He just looked up at the door seeing who it was."Oh hello there, is there something going on?"

He blinked at the man. He know finally figured something about Eros he did have the perfect male body. Granted he did not look all the way around him, but it was just the way that people have pictured him.

"Um we were just wandering if you wanted to have lunch with us."

He was the only thing he could say.

He chuckled as he shook his head. "No that is ok I have to be heading over to Venis here shortly. So you two have a good time." With that he trained onto Tasha. ~You have a good man there.~

Tasha looked up from the envelope in her hand when she heard Eros in her head. ~I know, thank you.~ She smiled and returned to opening the envelope. She read the letter inside and bit her bottom lip. She put it in a stack of opened mail and read the last two envelopes. Those went into a stack of unopened mail that could wait. Then she looked at the calendar to make sure there was nothing else going on. It said that pay day for the employees was the next day. She made note of that in her head as she slid the chest back under the desk.

He looked back over at the man and nodded.

"Very well have a good day."

With that he closed the door and walked back over to her.

"I understand now why the girls fall for him."

He just chuckled as he watched her do her thing.

She chuckled and put her hand on his jaw, fingers on one side, thumb on the other. "Not all of us my love." She kissed him again. That was when Manny finally entered the room. "Sorry Tash. I had to finish what I was doing. You need me to pay the bill? Tasha nodded as she handed him the bag of coins. "Yes, and have these delivered too please." She handed him two envelopes. "And I will hand out pay tomorrow, as scheduled." She smiled at him. Manny nodded. "Yes ma'am. Hello Ha'Ruil. You guys have a nice day, I will get this taken care of immediately." And then he headed out of the room. Tasha looked over at Ha'Ruil again. "What did Eros say love?" She had forgotten to ask him when he came out because of his joke about Eros' body.
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Re: Left in charge ... {Log}

Post by Tasha Masterson on Mon May 24, 2010 6:57 am

He let the two of them finish their conversation it was then that she asked that question.

"He said no since he was going to visit Venis here soon. So where would you like to go for lunch?"

She smiled at him. "Your turn to pick. If you let me choose it will be something unhealthy and greasy." She would eat healthy, if that was what he chose. But there was a part of her that could go for a pizza. "And we could always order in." She winked at him. If they ordered in, it would definitely be later before they went to take care of that shopping.

"Hm.....going out to eat with my girlfriend and then shopping or *ahem* yea, then eat then go's so hard to chose."

He just chuckled as he pulled her close.

She almost choked when she heard him. "Lunch first." She laughed. But she was hungry. The orange earlier was just a snack.

He just chuckled as he looked at her.

"I love you."

He pulled her close into his arms as he put his mouth on her lips pushing his tongue into her mouth as he let his tongue with his tongue ring in massage her tongue.

"I love you too." She wrapped her arms around him and moaned into the kiss. His kisses always melted her like butter, and he knew it.

He slowly moved his tongue letting it graze across her incisors. After a few moments he pulled away from her and smiled.

"So if you want to eat first what do you want to eat?"

She moaned again as they continued to kiss. When he broke the kiss she smiled. "I told you, you pick today." She grabbed up the envelopes, that she had opened, off the desk and the sheet of paper she had jotted down a few notes on. "Shall we?" She was ready to head back down to their room. ~See you later Eros. Tell V that I have things under control please.~ She didn't think that Venis needed to hear more than that, it might make her worry. And Tasha didn't have to see Venis to know that she did not need more to worry about.

He just smiled chuckled as he with her back to their room and the entire time he just kept his hand on her rear. Once they got back to their room he opened the door for them closing it behind them.

"Love please to me a favor and remove your shirt. I got something for you but it's a surprise."

She wrinkled her brow and blinked at him for a moment. "Um, ok dear." Then she untied the shirt and undid the two buttons that held it closed. She slid it off and laid it across the back of a nearby chair. That left her standing in her tight jeans, her bra, and her heeled flip flops.

"Now close your eyes."

He smiled as he walked over to his dresser drawer.

She arched an eyebrow and then closed her eyes. "O ... Kay ..." She stood there with her eyes closed as he had asked.

He pulled out a small box and closed the drawer again. He then walked over to her and put his hand under her bra lifting it up on the right.

"Just stand still ok?"

With that he slowly put his thumb and index finger clamping down on one side of her barbell and did the same with the other hand and he slowly started to unscrew the barbell.

She was ready to stand still for him, but then he started to play with her barbell, which made her giggle. "Honey, that tickles." Other than the giggling, she was still remaining still for him though.

"I know it does just relax."

Once he got the one side off he slowly started to pull out the barbell.

She drew in a deep breath, not meaning to move. "Ooo, sorry, I wasn't expecting you to remove it. You caught me off guard." She froze in place for him because she had already moved way more than she was supposed to.

"Don't worry you will be punished later."

He said with a smirk as the last of the barbell came out. He leaned in taking her flesh into his mouth so it wouldn't flatten out. After that he removed his mouth from her and turned around to open up the small box that he had. After a few moments she could feel the coldness of metal going through the piercing.

She was having a hell of a time being still. Between the removing of her dumbbell and his sucking on her flesh and then putting another ring in, she was ready to do a whole lot of wiggling. "Honey, you're going to have me doing more than just wiggling here soon." She was trying very hard to be still though.

"Oh really and what would that be?"

He just kept on slowly pushing the hoop in until he was able to press the ball into the place and he smiled as he leaned back and gave the item a little flick with his finger.

She drew in her bottom lip and bit down on it. She also crossed her ankles. It was a couple of moments before she could speak. "Honey, I said I wanted lunch first, you keep playing and I'm not going to get my lunch, because by the time I'm through with you it will be dinner time." She smiled, but still stood still and didn't open her eyes.

He just chuckled as he looked at her.

"You can open your eyes now."

He just smiled as he looked at her.

"Oh really well you still need to be punished."

He just gave her a smirk.

She opened her eyes and looked down. "Awww, honey, it's so cute ..." She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight then kissed him deeply. She kept avoiding the conversation about her getting punished.

He just smiled and he kissed her back as he put his arms around her.

~You are welcome love~

With that he slowly moves his hands down to her ass, moving one of his hands he gives her a slight smack on the ass.

She jumped slightly from the smack as she devoured him in the kiss. ~Thank you so much my love, it's wonderful. I don't match now, but I love it.~ She pressed against him more as they continued to kiss.

He just chuckled.

"If you keep this up you won't get your lunch dear."

He swatted her again on the ass.

She laughed. "Then quit smacking my ass and tell me what we're having." She winked at him as she put herself back into her bra and grabbed up her shirt to put it back on.

He thought about it for a moment.

"How about pasta?"

He just gave her smile since he knew how much she loved it.

She grinned as she retied her shirt. "Mmmm, lovely idea baby. I'm sure someone will deliver for the right price." She pulled out her phone from the little case that hung from her jeans and started calling. She found one that would deliver. "What would you like love?" She knew what she wanted as soon as he said pasta.

He walked around her putting his hands on her hips again pulled her close.

"Lasagna sounds nice right now."

He went and started to nibble on her neck.

She ordered a plate of lasagna, with bread, and a plate of shrimp fettuccini alfreado. A few yeses and some uh huh's then she gave the address. She closed her phone and smiled. "Lunch will be here in about half an hour or so." She tilted her head so he could reach her neck better. "The question is, will you behave long enough for us to eat it as lunch or will we be reheating it for dinner?" She laughed softly as she closed her eyes and leaned against him.

~hmmm, should I behave?~

He opened up his mouth and bite down, After a few moments he moved his lips and put his lips together on her neck and started to suck on the spot.

Her eyes popped open wider when he bit her. But then when he started to suck on the spot that he had just bit. "Oww, yes, until after lunch you should behave. And no hickeys were the world can see them. At least not while I have to fill in for V." She smiled at him and put her hand on his head.

He chuckled in her head as he just kept on sucking on her neck.

~What? I am just marking you as mine.~

He then gave her a neck a little nibble.

A growl rumbled from deep in her throat. "Hey, I asked you to behave. You want to sleep alone tonight?" She was playing of course, but she honestly did not want a hickey. "You want to brand me, do it where only you can see it." She chuckled.

He just smirked as he turned her around and looked at her.

"Ok I will do that then."

With that he leaned down and pulled up her shirt and bra on the left and started to suck hard on her skin.

She gripped his shoulders and started to laugh. "Brat." She stood there letting him brand her though. She had opened her mouth, he inserted her foot for her.

He just smirked as he moved his other hand to play on the right side, giving her a little pinch.

~And what's your point? You always call me that.~

She clenched her teeth and screamed when he pinched her. ~That one is a little sensitive love, you just changed the ring in it, remember?~ That was a little uncomfortable.

He looked up at her and smiled.

~Oh I am sorry sweety, here let me make it up to you.~

He removed his mouth from the left and then placed it on the right.

She pulled back slightly. "Baby, give it an hour or so to heal please." She might heal fast, but not instantly.

He just chuckled as he looked up at her.

"Yes dear."

With that he pulled her close to him again and just to the side of where he was sucking before, he started to suck again, making sure to be careful where he touched. His other hand went to massage where he had been sucking on the left side.

She gripped his shoulders tighter and moaned. This was rather enjoyable. "Thank you." Because he was going to give her a chance to heal. She figured they had a few more minutes for him to mark his territory before the food would arrive.

He gave her a little pinch on the left before he went back and started to suck on her skin with vigor.

~You are welcome.~

She moaned again. She was very much enjoying this.

He was having fun too before he heard the knock on the door and he gave a little growl.

~foods here.~

She giggled. "Guess you have to finish that later then." She honestly didn't want him to stop, but she was hungry. If he listened closely enough, he might even hear her stomach growl.

He just smiled as he looked back at her.

"Oh you can count on the love."

With that he cracked the door just a little bit to look outside making sure that he adjusted herself.

She put herself away and waited for him to return with the food. She was glad he said he would finish later. She was very much enjoying what they were doing. What he didn't know was that one good brand deserves another and she fully planned on marking her territory as well.

After a few moment he took the food from the man and handing him the gold pieces that were needed as well as a few more gold for himself as a tip. The guy looked at Haruil as if he was crazy to give him so much as a tip, Since the guy was not moving Ha'Ruil looked at the man.

"Is there anything else?"

He guy stood straight up and shook his head before running down the hall way. With that Ha'Ruil just closed and locked the door before he walk to the dining room area and he started to pull the aluminum boxed out placing her food on one side and his on the other. He then went into the kitchen and took out plates and such.

She joined him at the table and smiled as he was setting things up for them to eat. "Honey, while you're in there will you grab me a juice?" She sat down at the table and smiled.

"Sure love."

He walked back into the kitchen and into the frig to grab Tasha a bottle of OJ. After that he walked back over and gave her, her drink as he sat down and started to take off the cardboard top of his lasagna. He smelled it and smiled. Before he took a knife cutting some of it off and placing it on his plate.

"You know giving a person a few gold coins as a tip and they give you a look like you're crazy."

She laughed. "Yea, they expect a few silver, or maybe even one gold, but a few usually surprises them." She opened her shrimp fettuccini alfreado and scooped some out with a spoon. It smelt so wonderful.

"This smells almost as good as you dear."

He took a bite of his meal and he smiled at her. After a few he took his glass of water and took a drink.

~So where would you like to go shopping?~

He said in her mind since he had food in his mouth.

She was just putting a forkful of her pasta in her mouth when he asked her about the shopping. ~I'm not sure love, I honestly have no idea what to get a woman like Gwendolan, and I want it to be something that they both could enjoy. That's why I figured I would drag you along. Between your knowledge of Druids and Elfs, and my knowledge of Manny, we should be able to pull this off.~ She washed her food down with a drink of the juice.

He looked up for a moment and smiled.

~ Well you have to remember dear I am not a normal druid, Hell I eat meat~

With that he chuckled a little.

She nodded as she swallowed. "Yes, love, but you would still know better than I would if something would be offensive or scary to her." And another bite was taken.

He nodded with that.

~That is true so I do not think it should be that hard.~

He said as he was taking another bite.

She smiled as brightly as one could with food in their mouth keeping them from parting their lips. ~Thank you so much for the help my love.~ Her emerald hued orbs twinkled as she looked over at him. She had an idea for dinner and was going to make it a surprise.

He just chuckled as looked at her.

~I love you.~

These three simple words. He took another bite from his meal.

She smiled before taking another drink of juice. ~I love you too baby.~ Said as she was swallowing down the sweet bitterness.
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Re: Left in charge ... {Log}

Post by Tasha Masterson on Thu May 27, 2010 6:47 am

"So what do you think we should get them?"

He finally said after chewing up half the food on his plate.

She chuckled and shook her head. ~That's just it, I have no idea what so ever.~ She was completely at a loss this time. Manny had everything he could ever want. And she had no idea what Gwendolan was 'in to', so it was rather hard to shop for them. Almost as hard as it was to shop for Venis.

"Well when it comes to druids you could never go wrong with something from nature. Like a plant or animal like a bird or a pet of that sort."

He really did not know either since as he stated before he was not a normal druid He was taught to be that way.

She scratched her head. "Well, plants could work. I'm not sure I want to go with an animal. Manny has always been very picky about the pets he's chosen to keep, I would hate to get them one he didn't like." She took another bite of food. ~Oooo, that gives me an idea. There's this place in the village over by the Keep. They have these little trees in a jar type things. They make them as wedding gifts I believe. Wanna go check them out? I think it's so the happy couple could plant a tree together to watch it grow as their love grows or something like that.~ She was rather pleased with the idea.

"That would be a great idea."

He looked down at his plate as it was already finished but he was already full as well so he just put the cardboard cover over the rest of his meal and then looked as Tasha as he took another drink from his glass.

She had another forkful of noodles, and as she was bringing the fork to her mouth she smiled and wiggled slightly, obviously pleased with herself. "Yay, I'm glad I remembered." And a noodle fell from her fork onto the rounded crest of her flesh where it showed over the top of her shirt. "Ouch, still hot." She moved her fork back towards her plate slowly so as not to drip on herself again.

He just leaned at it before he leaned over and put his mouth around the noodle and took it into his mouth. He started to chew on it as he looked up at her.

She giggled. She would have leaned down and licked it from her own chest had he not beat her to it. "Well thank you my love." She winked at him before eating the bite of food that was on the fork rather than setting the fork all the way down on the plate.

He used his tongue to slowly like up the sauce.

~Mmmm Very tasty~

She took a drink to wash her food down as he was licking the sauce. Then she put a finger under his chin to bring his head up to hers. "Not as tasty as you." And she closed the small gap between them to capture his lips in a deep and passionate kiss.

He used his tongue to fight hers as he slowly moved over so that he was sitting next to her.

~I could say the same about you.~

Her plate was empty, and her juice nearly so. She would worry about cleaning up later. For now she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer to her as they kissed. Her fingers running through his hair.

His hands went up to her face rubbing her cheeks with both thumbs. He would have to remember later to clean up.

She turned in her chair and slid her leg over his lap so that she was facing him. Then she slid forward so that she was in his lap rather than the other chair. She moaned into the kiss as her hands began to travel his back and neck.

He moved his hands from her face down the side and onto her hips before going down to her ass giving both cheeks a massage.

That made her moan even more and caused her to slightly slide towards him more. At that moment she wished she could just magically poof their clothes gone, because she was more than happy to just take him right then and there in the position they were currently in.

He just smirked as he slowly moved his hands up to her shirt pulling it off. Leaving her in her bra and pants.

She had to move her arms from him so he could get her shirt off, but the kiss didn't have to be broken. She was happy about that. The shirt had only covered the bra, so it wasn't like there was more flesh exposed, unless you count her shoulders and slightly down her arms where the sleeves were.

His then went to her bra as he moved his hands on her back to undo the thing that was in his way. After a moment he undid it and moved his hands around to cup her.

She wiggled out of the bra once he unhooked it. Still not breaking the kiss. When he cupped her flesh she caught her breath. But it was more from the temperature of his hands than anything else. Her piercing was well healed once again. It had only been a little sensitive from the change, so the healing was quick.

He gave both her piercings a slight tug. Oh how he loved the fact that she got those.

Her moan was louder than before, and had an undertone of a primal urge this time. If he kept doing things like that, their clothes were going to have to go in the trash, because she would get very creative very quickly, with her feline claws.

~Oh do you like that?~

He pulled her piercings again. Liking the reaction that he was getting from her.

Her moan was evolving into a growl. ~You know I do my love. I hope you're not too fond of the clothes you're wearing.~ She cracked a bone in her finger, just the tip of it, and her nail grew into a claw. She ran the side of the claw along his ear teasingly.

He shivered as he growled himself letting his primal side come out. He moved his tongue around before removing his mouth from her and started to nibble on her collar bone.

~It is fine I have more and if worse comes to worse I will just buy more.~

She moved her hand so that she could slice down the back of his shirt. She was very careful to not cut him. Then she ran the claw carefully down the front of his shirt as well. Then she grabbed both sides of his collar and tore the shirt from his body. ~You asked for it love.~ She had moved her head to allow him better exposure to her collar bone.

~So....I like it when you get rough~

He growled again as he bit down on her collar bone while moving his hands down to her hips pulling her closer to him to make her jeans rub against his own pants.

She giggled as she did just what he wanted and she rubbed against him. She moved her hand down between them and began to gently slice at his pants. Her jeans would have to fall victim her claw as well, because she did not want to get off of his lap.

He slowly moved his hands a little bit as the claws of a cat came out, making sure to start at the top of her pants and not touching her skin he started to shred her pants pulling off bit by bit of her clothing.

She giggled. She had expected to have to cut her own jeans off, but her beloved boyfriend thought to do it for her. She was removing his pants, well, at least from his lap anyway. She couldn't remove the parts that she was sitting on, or that he was sitting on either. And everything behind her was ignored. She just wanted what was in front of her to be free of material to come between them.

He worked his way around her pants and when he finally got to her panties he just chuckled as he ripped them off all at once. Now he put his claws back in as he slowly moved one hand down.

She moaned as he removed her clothes while still nibbling on her collar bone. She soon had him free of the restraints of clothing as well. And her bones in her finger shifted back. Her nail reformed as a human nail. Her nails were relatively long still, but they were very useful that way. She leaned her head back up and used her free hand to draw his face to hers. She took his lips with hers and kissed him deeply and passionately. She played with his tongue ring with her tongue as they kissed.

After a long while ...

~I love making love to you.~

He just chuckled at how corny he was sounding.

~I love making love to you as well.~ It might have been corny, but it was the way they felt about each other. And thanks to that little mental link they shared, the rest of the world didn't have to hear them be so corny or get to pick on them about it.

He just smiled though the kiss and removed his hands from her hands to put them on her waist.

~Mmmm can we stay like this for a little while?~

Tasha ran her fingers into his hair again. She kept kissing him as she remained atop him. ~Of course my love. I hate the way that feels anyway.~ She chuckled lightly in his head.

~I feel the same way, it's nice and warm~

He just chuckled as he put his arms around her body.

She wrapped her arms around him as well, pressing herself against him more as they kissed.

He just sat there with her in his lap as he removed his lips from hers and looked her in the eyes.

"I love you my dearest."

Yes at moments like these he got all mushy.

And at moment like this it was ok for him to get all mushy, because she did sometimes too. "I love you too baby." She leaned her forehead against his and closed her eyes letting him hold her.

He kept his arms around her and smiled as he started to give her little kisses here and there that he could reach.

She smiled at the little kisses, they were so sweet. And if he looked close enough he would see a hint of crimson rushing to her cheeks.

"Awww you are so cute when you blush dear, it makes your freckles pop."

He know that would get a response from her.

She tilted her head up and nipped at his nose. "Hush you." She chuckled as she put her forehead against his and closed her eyes again. She leaned and kissed his lips softly.

He kissed her back as he slowly let his finger trace circles on her back.

When he started making little circles on her back with his finger she leaned her head just enough to kiss him again. She began to devour him in the kiss. She couldn't get enough of him or his kisses.

He just smiled as he kissed her back. After a few moments he removed his lips from hers and slowly started to rise with her in his lap.

She wrapped her arms around him a little tighter, and when he stood up she wrapped her legs around his waist and held to him.

He chuckled a little as he looked at her.

"Just can't let me go huh?"

He put his hands on her ass to give her more support as he started to walk into the bathroom so they could both get cleaned up for the little shopping trip.

She smiled at him as she let him carry her. "I plan on never letting you go my love." She kissed him softly and then let him keep walking. When they got into the bathroom, she lowered her legs. Once her toes touched the floor she released with her arms. "Thanks for the ride sexy ... Both of them." She winked at him and chuckled softly.

He just smiled as he pinched her on the ass and looked at her.

"And thank you for the fun ride yourself."

He moved in and kissed her deeply.

She returned his kiss welcomingly. ~We need to get washed up my love.~ She still didn't break the kiss though.

He just chuckled. He removed his lips from hers.

"Very Well, I guess it can wait for later."

He slapped her on the ass once for good measure.

She laughed and turned around to start the water, when he slapped her ass as she reached behind her and pinched his side, laughing.

He just chuckled again as he saw her bend over.

"Nice view love"

She wiggled back and forth a few times before she pulled the stopper on the faucet and turned the shower on. "We can shower together if you promise to behave." She chuckled because she knew he wouldn't.

He just chuckled as he looked at her.

"You know full well that we could never behave in the shower."

He moved his hand onto her ass giving it a little rub.

She chuckled and remained still while he rubbed her ass. But then she stepped into the shower. "You could always wait your turn then." She laughed as she reached for the shower curtain slowly.

He shot his hand out to stop her from closing the shower on him.

"Yeah right like you would let me do that."

He chuckled again as he started to get his body into the shower.

She laughed as she let him in the shower. "I would." Under certain circumstances of course. And at the moment, she couldn't tell him what those would be.

"I would what?"

He slowly closed the distance between them. As he put his arms around her.

She grinned. "Let you wait your turn." She chuckled and wrapped her arms around him. "We need to get cleaned up. We have a long ride ahead of us." She rose up on her tip toes and kissed him deeply.

He held her close as he kissed her letting the water spray on the two of them. They always had fun when it came to the shower.

She was serious about needing to get cleaned up, but she just couldn't resist kissing him.

He then let out a growl as he pushed her against the shower wall as he started to wrestle her tongue for control. His hands planted on either side of her against the walls.

Her hands went to the sides of his face as she fought back, her tongue working against his for dominance.

Every time her tongue would go into his mouth he would nip at her tongue letting her know not to do that. His hands was go down her body as he squeezed her ass before going up and between the two as both hands started to pinch at her.

She moaned as he squeezed her ass and then pinched her. His biting her tongue was more foreplay than a warning to stop. It made her giggle. It also made her do it more.

He removed his mouth from hers in a fast motion as he moved his head down to her collar down and bit down hard. Yes, right now he wanted to be in charge and he was letting her know.

Her first reaction was to hiss, followed by a hint of a growl. She was not one to be dominated. But she loved that he wanted to try. It took a strong man to try and dominate her. Many had tried, almost none had succeeded.

He snapped at her as he bit back down on her collar. His hands removed themselves from their current location as they moved down to her hands grasping them and putting them on the wall as he moved his head back. His eyes where the amber colors of a wolf, With that look came a smile which could clearly see two pointed incisors. A deep growl could be heard coming from his abdomen.

A wicked smile tugged the corners of her lips upward. "My love, if you think you're going to dominate me, you're picking the wrong beast." Then she spun them around and pressed him to the wall. She followed that with another deep kiss.

He kissed her back but the strength he was using now was something different from a Canine.

~If that's what you want.~

With that he pushed her off him and slammed her back against the wall, his eyes had changed again as they were now had a yellow rim with a tint of green in the middle. The rumbling growl that was coming out of his mouth was not canine at all.

She chuckled again. The problem with him playing this game in the shower was about to become apparent to him. She moved her foot and grabbed his shoulders. As his feet slid out from under him she held him to keep him from hitting the bottom of the tub too hard. But he still went down. And that placed her on top of him. ~Keep trying love. You won't wear me down. No matter what beast you choose.~ She chuckled again.

He felt himself going down as he put both of his hands down on the ground. He just looked at her with a primal look in his eyes as he growled again putting a hand behind her head grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her down so he crushed her face with his as he fought for control again with his tongue.

Her hand came up to his and she pulled it free from her hair, losing some in the process. Then she pinned his hands above his head on the floor of the tub. She applied the pressure to the kiss, using his tongue ring as a sort of leash for his tongue. She kept his tongue out of her mouth that way.

He growled again as he started to push up on her hands.

~I am not going to lose.~

With that he twirled his tongue around as he started to push it into her mouth.

She bit his tongue quickly with her human teeth. ~Uh uh uh~ Then she pushed his tongue back into his mouth and kissed him harder.

He growled as he bit her back.


He started to slowly pushed their bodies up.

She growled and her muscles flexed throughout her body as she pushed him back. ~Nope.~ She made sure she slammed his hands down on the tub to emphasize her point.

He growled again as he started to push her back up.


He was not going to lose, not this way anyways.

A growl rumbled in her throat as she pushed against him more. ~I said no.~ She was not going to give in to him like she was a bottom.

He he growled louder as he started to twist them around, even to the point now that when he twisted and pushed at her, He managed to get them on their sides.

She released his hands. She took his hair in one hand making a fist. Her other hand went to his collar bone, fingers wrapping around his throat. She wasn't going to choke him, but she was trying to make her point.

He grabed her hand that was on his throat pressing on a few of the tendons in her wrist to release his neck. His other hand went to her hair grabbing hold of it.

She growled again. She pulled her hand back and shook it slightly. ~That hurt love.~ The tone of her voice sounded like someone speaking through gritted teeth. So teeth were what she used. She moved her lips just enough to be able to suck his bottom lip into her mouth. Then she bit down on it. Hard, but not breaking the skin.

He growled as he bit onto her nose.

~Two can play this game.~

He just chuckled as he looked into her eyes.

She growled and pushed his face away from hers. His tooth scratching the side of her nose. ~You little shit.~ She moved quickly and bit his ear, not drawing blood, but he would feel that she had a hold of him.

He growled as he leaned down and took her collar into his teeth and started to nibble on it.

She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed, rolling as she did. They slid on the wet bottom of the tub and she rolled over on top of him again. She was not going to let him top her, that was for sure. But one thing was perfectly obvious, he wasn't going to be a bottom for her either. It actually made her rather happy for him to be her equal.

He grabbed a clump of her hair with the right hand pulling it back so that he could bite her on the neck just above the collar bone. When doing so he moved his legs around so that he gripped the top of the tub and pushed off with his left hand on the ground lifting both him and her up, As soon as he got her over the lip of the tub he pushed again making it so that they just rolled out of the tube.

She hit the floor with a thud, and with her throat in his teeth. She knew that was going to leave a mark. She growled even more and pushed him off of her completely. She didn't move to flee or to even attack, she just sat there breathing heavily for a moment. "Do you know ... How much ... Self ... Control ... I'm using ... Right now?" She had her teeth bared, even though they were still human teeth. And her chest was raising and falling drastically with each breath. She had her fingers bent like claws and both hands on the floor of the bathroom with her legs curled up beside her.

He arched his back as he looked at her and growled.

"How much love?"

He slowly started to get closer to her.

She looked at him with her lips curled back. She was almost feral looking. "A whole hell of a lot. Please, for the love of the God's, tell me that you are not trying to get scratched or bitten." She was so close to the edge that the slightest wrong move would start her bones breaking.

"Oh no no no. I know better than that Love. Remember I was warned the last time. But this time you can't lock yourself into the bathroom."

He slowly walked over to her sniffing the air. He nuzzled her a little before moving his head against her neck and biting her.

When he bit her again she smashed her palm into his shoulder and pushed him away from her. "You said you weren't trying to get bit or scratched." She started to move towards the door, pushing with her hands and sliding on her hip to move.

He felt the smash and moved back to the door himself since he was closer.

"I was just trying be playful. I am sorry."

He really did feel bad, They really could not do things rough since she is always afraid of giving him, the curse that she has.

She sighed and lowered her head. "I know, it's just that ... It was just too far." A tear fell from her eyes to drop on the floor. She was still breathing heavily and fighting to control her beast within. But she suddenly felt horrible for hurting his feelings.

He moved so that he was sitting on his butt.

"Come here love."

Is all he said as he opened his arms up for her.

She shook her head. She was having trouble getting her beast to settle down. She was scared to touch him.

He slowly started to move towards her.

"its fine come here."

He slowly put his hand on her shoulder. Letting her know that he was there for her.

She jerked her shoulder away from him with a growl. She hadn't meant to growl, but it just came out. It was a sign that she was lacking something in her education in regards to controlling her beast.

He slowly pulled his hand back as he looked at her.

"Tasha Love."

He was starting to worry for her.

She shook her head. "Can we go shopping later baby?" She looked through her curtain of crimson locks out of the corner of her eye. She saw where the door was in relation to him. She wondered if she could make it.

He got up from the sitting position and walked over to the door and opened it.

"Yeah......that is fine."

He waited for her go passed him.

She took a deep breath and slowly rose up from the floor. She walked over to him and looked up. Tears had left a trail down her cheeks and still showed in puddles in her eyes. "I love you." Almost a whisper as she rose up on her toes and pressed her lips to his. Then she moved very quickly as she got out the door to the balcony. She jumped up onto the hand rail and off just as quick. Her bones broke and reformed as she was falling the four stories to the ground. She landed on all fours covered in her usual coat of shiny black fur.

He let her go as he saw her run off and jump off the balcony.

~I love you too.~

He slowly put his hands into his hair looking down.

"Great job Ha'Ruil absolutely ... great. Making your girlfriend run away."

He thought about following her but then thought against it. He knew that she wanted to be alone for a little bit and since Venis is not here she would be back. Or at least he hoped so. So with that he slowly walked over to the shower making sure that it was still hot before he slowly got in and sat down letting the water hit him.

She would be back, but she needed some time to think. She needed to figure out why she was suddenly about to lose control. So she headed for the trees, and just ran.

Every few minutes his right hand would go up and turn the hot water up just a little so he could feel it get hotter. By the time it was done the places that were it was hitting his skin was red. That is all he did as he let the water run down his body.
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Re: Left in charge ... {Log}

Post by Tasha Masterson on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:34 am

Tasha had started to feel guilty before she had even hit the ground. She had stood there for a moment, having landed with a thud. But then, as soon as she realized that she hadn't broken anything, she darted off as fast as she could towards the trees. She was on the verge of tears, and as she ran, the tears fell. Her fur was getting streaks of moisture from her tear ducts down to her jaw. She hated crying.

She tried to organize her thoughts as she headed across the gardens. Venis had only been gone for a little over forty-eight hours, and already she was loosing control. She had to figure this out, and fast. So she had to figure out what the trigger was for her loss of control. Domination ... Domination was the key. Ha'Ruil had tried to dominate her, and the part of her that was a panther hated it.

So that left her trying to figure out why it bothered her so much. She wasn't an alpha. She was used to taking orders. She growled when she went over those words in her head. Gabriel, Venis, even Gawain. They had all been her alpha's, her pack or pard leaders. She followed the rules they laid out for her. She was supposed to find a mate and he was supposed to be her equal ... Equal, not master, equal.

With that epiphany, she had more to think about. By now she had hit the tree line and was running through the trees with ease. Little creatures were scurrying away from her as she ran. She bounced off of trees and hurdled stones. Everything around her was lush and green. It was so beautiful. But she wasn't out there to enjoy the ambiance. She was out there to clear her head. So she kept running.

She had never been the omega, she was more of a beta. She had never been the one in charge, but she wasn't the lowest in the pack either. So why was she having so much trouble now? Perhaps it was because she was a panther in a pack of wolves. Perhaps it was time for her to leave the pack, well, at least there used to be some semblance of a pack. But was there even a pack for her to leave anymore?

So that was settled, right then and there, she was defecting from the pack. She was fairly sure that Gawain would probably not mind too much. After all, he seemed to have his hands full with his family. She found that out when she had asked him to join her one night for the full moon. He had declined so he could spend time with his kids. She completely understood though. She just hoped he understood too.

She would still be beta to Venis though. Venis was a Goddess and could take any form she chose. That was how she became the Nim Ra of the pard that Tasha had once belonged to. Venis had married the pard's Nim Raj, Gabriel Crow. So when Gabriel died, Venis was still Tasha's Nim Ra. When Tasha finally found Venis again, Venis had become best friends with Gawain, she was again surrounded by wolves.

Tasha knew that Venis was not very fond of taking a panthers form, though she had done so for her again a month or so ago. It brought back painful memories for her. If Tasha had a choice, she would have probably picked another form too. All of that could be blamed on Gabriel. That was why Tasha had been so uncomfortable around shifting cats for so long. It caused her to freak around Sky once too.

So what was she really afraid of with Ha'Ruil? She had gotten past the shifting cat thing. She wasn't completely cool with it, but she was to a point where Ha'Ruil could take the form of a cat and she was fine. She hadn't seen Sky in a while, but he was her friend and she trusted him too. So his shifting shouldn't bother her either. Contaminating him. That was what it boiled down to, what scared her.

She had to find a way to avoid contaminating him with her disease. She had to be able to play rough with him, and to be able to show him that she was not an omega. She had to be able to shift, even if it was only a partial shift, and not worry about him becoming a lycanthrope. She knew that he had a pretty good immune system already, but it wasn't quite enough. Her old pard had three elves in it.

So what had a better immune system than an elf? Something that almost never got sick. Something that was ... A shark! Sharks had the best immune systems of any living thing that Tasha knew of. And having been born and raised in Rhy'Din, she knew of a lot of species of beings. Sharks almost never got sick, never got diseases, they were close to perfect. Or as close to it as she needed. So, a shark.

So now she needed to get ahold of some shark DNA. The best way to do that is to get a shark and extract the blood as needed. Which required a special tank and other stuff. She could work out the details later. For now she had a base plan. She was going to use the shark blood to overpower her own blood and kill the disease within her blood. She wouldn't get a cure, but maybe an inoculation for him?

So far she had decided that she needed to defect from a wolf pack that may or may not even still exist. And that she needed to use a mixture of her blood, a sharks blood, and Ha'Ruil's blood to try and give him an immunity to lycanthropy. That just left her with what she was supposed to do about Venis. And that wasn't as hard to figure out as one would think. She had already put her foot down with that.

She had told everyone to give her a few days to come back. Well, it was nearing the end of that few days. If they didn't hear from her within the next twenty-four hours, then she would be searched for. She was not looking forward to that when they had just searched for Iluvenis only a couple of weeks before. This group seemed to be going through a whole lot of hell as of late. But that was just a part of life.

At some point, she had managed to turn slightly to her left. And in doing so, repeatedly, she had managed a circle. This circle had her headed back towards the Inn. It was a good thing too, Ha'Ruil was probably very upset about the way she just up and bailed on him. Girlfriends didn't trip on their boyfriends like that. They just argued and got over it. Then they kissed and made up. Maybe there was a chance?
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Re: Left in charge ... {Log}

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