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Retrieval of a pet

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Retrieval of a pet

Post by Bringer on Mon Apr 26, 2010 4:41 pm

The bringer had been given a task and only one task and that was to retrieve a pet for a child. This would be a simple task to say the least. The bringer was given the instructions on where to find said pet. Regardless of who was around no one would know the bringer was there until it was too late to do anything about it. No god or goddess or any other being for that matter would know it was there. Going to the designated place the bringer shimmered into the room seeing the goal in plain sight and grabbed it up before it had a chance to make a sound and whispered to it to make sure it stayed calm for the journey back.

*It is ok Hopper, you are going to go be with your child. She is safe as will you be once we leave this dreaded place.*

The bringer dropped a note on the bed for one Miss Emilia.

Miss Emilia -

I wish to thank you for being a foster to my daughter and taking good care of her. She is home where she belongs with her true family.

Thank you.

No name was signed as it was not needed. The mother made it clear she wished no harm to the one that was holding her child and the bringer had no choice but to do as it was told. Once the letter was placed the bringer left once again without so much as a trace. Nothing else but the pet was removed from the room and that would be the only clue something was missing.


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