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Leaving to find her true family

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Leaving to find her true family

Post by Iluvenis on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:19 pm

Iluvenis had been playing with Hopper, her pet wolf, in the nanny's room while her adoptive mom partied. They had been playing tug of war with her old teddy bear when the bear came apart, and an old piece of paper fell out. Looking around to make sure no one was looking, she picked up the paper and read it. Even though she was only seven, Iluvenis was an accomplished reader.

The top of the paper read Birth Certificate. The next line read: child's name. The only thing listed beside it was baby girl. Iluvenis looked at the next line that read birth date. The birth date listed was May, 20th 2002. Iluvenis thought for a moment. Hey Thats my birthday!! The only thing on the birth certificate was the mother's name, and that was Arcadia Nyght. Iluvenis folded the piece of paper and put it in her pocket. Iluvenis sat on the floor dumb founded. She had had that teddy bear as long as she could remember. This was the first piece of information she had about who she really was. Knowing that her adoptive mother wouldn't be back anytime soon, Iluvenis opened a window when the nanny wasn't looking and fluttered out. She didn't know where she was going, or even really where to begin looking, but she was determined to find out where she came from, and why did she end up in that god awful orphange.

Once she was a good distance away Iluvenis started walking. She been through several different towns, and cities, asking people if they knew an Arcadia Nyght. But she had no luck. Eventually she wound up in a remote area where there was a beautiful lake. Up from it, she could see the top of a huge house or castle. Iluvenis couldn't tell. She sat down at the edge of the lake. Taking her little shoes off, she dangled her feet in the cool lake water. She was getting frustrated because she was getting no where, and scared because she was so far from what she thought was her home. Now with the information in the teddy bear she didn't know where she belonged. Putting her head in her lap, she began to cry.

Arcadia had been fuming in the house cleaning the entire house spotless before she decided to go outside and tidy up the garden out back. It was then she noticed something was by the lake and she could hear a low cry or at least what she thought was a cry. Being the concerned mom Arcadia walked down cautiously to the lake and watched what appeared to be a young child crying. Not wanting to scare her she spoke softly and gently to the child.

::Hi, are you lost or hurt?::

She moved closer until she was about 3 feet from the child and waited for a response.

Iluvenis almost jumped at the womens voice. She hadn't
t realized anyone would be out here. Wiping her tears she looked up.

"I..I..don't know. I don't know who I am, I can't find my home, I'm just lost. I'm looking for my mom."

She took out the piece of paper and handed it to the lady.

"I'm looking for my mom. My name is Ilu......Lydia, my name is Lydia.

The little lost Fairy didn't think it was safe to give her adoptive name or not.

Arcadia walked a little closer to Lydia and took the paper from her hand and opened it up reading it. Tears welled up in her eyes as she knelt down next to her just staring at her. She wanted to reach out to touch her and pick her up and never let her go. Arcadia felt the same way when she found Kyra again but knew it was best to let this sink in to Lydia before she did that. It did not surprise Arcadia that her daughter's name was changed as she did only have baby girl written on the birth certificate and for that one she will have to explain it to Lydia but she liked the name and as long as she did she would let her birth name go.

::You are safe here Lydia and I think you found what you were looking for.::

She was sure the young girl would figure out quickly just what she meant without her telling her. If her hunch was correct this one was smart and did not need to be given every detail just yet.

Lydia wasn't sure why the woman picked her up to begin with, but when she saw the expression on her face, she knew it was true.

"You're her! Your my mom!!"

Lydia returned the hug as tight as her tiny arms would let her. She had a bunch of questions, but right now, she just wanted to stay in her real mother's arms and never let go.

Tears rolled down Arcadia's cheeks as she held her little girl looking up at the sky thanking someone who must have helped bring her home. It was a long time coming and she hoped that some day her son would return to her also but she was happy with what she was being given.

::I am her and as I said you are safe here.::

Taking a risk she kissed the top of her head and whispered to her.

::I am sure you have plenty of questions but I will wager a guess you are hungry and thirsty. We can go up and get you cleaned up while I fix you something to eat. If you want to that is. I will not push you.::

She meant that and they could stay put for as long as Lydia need or wanted.

Lydia returned the kiss with a tearful grin.

"I'd like that. Can I have milk and cookies?"

She had no plans of ever returning to her old home ever again.


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