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Happy Valentines Day Grandpa!!

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Happy Valentines Day Grandpa!!

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:43 am

Iluvenis had spent a lot of time and energy trying to make the perfect present for her Grandpa. Truth was she didn't know him all that well. Really the only thing she did know was that he was the God of love. She wondered what to get a God for Valentines day. So she thought really really really hard and then a light bulb went off in her tiny head. A coffee cup. Grandpa needs a coffee cup. Because being a God and all he spent all his time making people happy, and he needs lots of energy to do that. So he needs lots and lots of coffee.

So sitting in her room she scrunched her little nose and fist together. And she thought really hard, and produced a coffee cup. That said Happy Valentines Day Grandpa on it. It was real pretty she thought. Because it was white with a big red heart in the middle. "proud of what she had done. She picked up the cup and ran to show her mother.

"Mommy Mommy, look what I made Grandpa!!! Do you think he'll like it?"


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Re: Happy Valentines Day Grandpa!!

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:45 am

((This was done in an im to save time))

Em was in the front room sitting at the table thinking about JonLouis. She was playing with a key that was hanging around her neck on a long gold chain. Her daughter came running out of her room as excited as she had seen her in a while. Hopper who had been laying by the door was now barking and wagging his tail as well. Em lauged and looked at the cup in Iluvenis' hands and smiled. "It is beautiful, I am sure he will love it." She pulled her daughter into her lap.

Illuvenis was happy that her mom liked the cup. She sat the cup down on the side table, and petted hopper. She noticed the necklace around her mommy's neck as Emila picked her up. "Oh pretty necklace mommy, what does the key unlock"

She smiled at her and tucked the necklace back into her shirt. "JonLouis gave me that. Can you keep a secret that no one knows?"

Illuvenis loved secrets, and yes she could keep one, although she might tell Hopper. Her eyes were dancing with excitement. "Yes Mommy, Ohhh pllleeaassee tell me."

Hopper licked Iluvenis' hand as she petted him. "This key is the only what to find the Vampire Couincle on earth. It leads me to the hidden pyrimid."

Illuvenis put her hands ever her mouth. And her mind started racing to the idea of her mommy and Jon Louis meeting in secret. She put her hands down, and Emila would see a devlish grin on her face. "And you plan on using it?"

She smiled. "I have been thinking about useing it. He has a way to teleport to me anytime he wants. I have to travle. No one that is not a member of the councile can port into thier hiding place."

Iluvenis hopped down off her mother's lap and went to find her trvel bag. She found it in her mother's room. With both hands she pulled into the living room. "Okay, what do I need to pack you."

She laughed. "I can't go now." As much as she would love to she had to wait till at least summer. "I can't take you out of school." She picked up the cup. "Why don't we wrap this up pretty for your grandpa."

Iluvenis pouted for just a bit, She wanted so much for her mommy to be happy, and as for school, she wouldn't mind. It would get her out of the upcoming spring exams. "Sure you can Mommy. The teachers wont mind. I promise."

She then went and got a role of dark red wrapping paper and a box, and handed it to her mommy.

She smiled. "I hear the nuns are not happy with the fact that you believe in gods." She didn't care; how could she. She took the paper and the box from her and got up to retrieve paper and sissors.

At the thought of the nuns, she rubbed her little bottom. "I tried to tell them my grandpa was one, and I had an Auntie that was one, but....they weren't to happy about it.' She had a small frown on her face. "So the nun tried to use that cane of hers on me. So I turned her into a frog." By this point her head was down. She didn't think her mother would aprove.

paper, tape, and sissors*

"Princess you can not use fairy magic on the nuns." She understood why she had they acused her of lying and punished her for it when she was telling the truth.

She wraped the cup in the paper that she had picked up befire putting it in the box.

Illuvenis ran to the desk, and retrieved the items her mother had asked for. Being very careful with the scissors, She returned quickly and handed them to her mommy. "Here ya go.

"I understand Mommy, but it's not fair. Do you think grandpa would show them."

She took the sisors fom Iluvenis and began to cut the red wrapping paper to fit the box. "If you ask him nicely masybe he will pick you up from school."

"Can he turn them into frogs since I can't?" She really didn't feel like being caned again.

"No but I am sure he will help you somehow."

She took the tape and began to wrap the box. She had just finished when there was a knock at the door. Hopper ran over to it and barked wagging his tail
Illuvenis was satisfied at the wrapping job. She heard the knock to. She flew behind the couch and hid. "Who could that be Mommy?"

"I don't know." She went to the door and opened it. There was a mesanger standing there with a bunch of roses and baloons and two large boxes. "Thank you." The man came in and sat the items on a desk and then left. He never even said anything.

Iluvenis saw the packages, and flew th where he mother put them. "OHHH MOMMY Presents. Who are they for?? Can I help?"

She found the card and read it. "They are for me." She smiled and turned the card over. "But it does not say who it is from just that I am suposed to be in the ballroom at six thirty with a birthday present for Inion and that I am suposed to weare the dress in the box."

Illuvenis was a little dissapointed no one sent her anything. "Can I go Mommy. I love parties"

"No it says I am suposed to take you to another room." She stood up smiled as she opened a secret portal that was only big enough for her hand and reached in a drew out a small box. "I was going to give this to you at dinner but since I am aparently going to some kind of party I will let you have it now."

She started to pout, but then saw her mommy pll something out of the portal, and her eyes started dancing. She held up her hands and to get the present. "OH thank you Mommy. What is it?"

She handed it to her. "Open it and find out." She smiled as she watched her. Seven years old and so full of curiosity and energy.

She did as she was told,and quickly unwrapped the present, and looked. "Oh Mommy Wow!!!! I love it.!!"

Inside was a neckless. The pendent was a gold fairy holding a ruby heart. "I thought you might like it."

"I do Ido." Oh Wait Mommy, I have you a present too." Iluvenis flew into her room and pulled out a small jewelry box wrapped in red paper. Inside was a golld necklace with a heart shaped pendant. In the middle of the pendant was the word Mom, and a pink butterfly on the side. She fluttered back to her mother and handed her the box. "Here Mommy, I made it myself."

She smiled as she took the box from her daughter. She opened it and smiled as she took it out of the box. She hugged Iluvenis tight and kissed her cheek before she put it on.
"I love it thank you."

Illuvenis sprinkled pink fairy dust in the air. "It's very pretty on you Mommy. Is there anything I can do to help you get ready for the party?"

"Well lets open the box and see the dress."

She handed it to Iluvenis. "You open it."

Illuvenis squealed. Leave it to a professional present opener to open the gift.She ripped the paper off in the matter of seconds, and carefully took the lid off the box. "Whoa!!! That's pretty." She handed the big box to her mommy to see.

She smiled as she saw the red dress. "It is beautiful." She took it out of the box and held it up. "I wonder who picked it out for me?"

Illuvenis got a wicked grin on her face."Probably my future Daddy."

She laughed. "I doubt that." She looked at the dress and got a thoughtfull look on her face. "Lets see how about I ware my hair up tonight."

Iluvenis thought for a minute, "That sounds good. Perhaps a french braid." Thats the way Iluvenis liked her mommy to fix her hair.

"How about I ware a french braid tomorrow. Tonight I was thinking something a bit more wild." The dress after all was kind of skimpy.

"Oh Mommy I know." Iluvenis ran to her room and pulled out a magazine, In it had a punch of picks from the 1980's. She showed her Mommy. "Howe about something like these?"

She smiled as she looked at a few and pointed to one. "This one."

Iluvenis clapped her hands. "Oh Mommy, I love it."

She smiled as she left the magazine open to where the picture and went into the bathroom.

She came out a bit latter in a robe. "Now lets try to get this hair do to look right."

"You'll get it Mommy, because you're good at everything." She looked at her little jeans and sweater. "Do I have to change clothes or can I wear what I have on?"

"You can ware what you have on little one. Unless you want to change. The note says you will be staying the night though soyou might want to pack a small bag."

Iluvenis got kind of a worried look on her face. "But mommy, what if there is nobody I know there, or there are nuns?"

"Hun this is suposed to be a party I'll bet DJ and Nat will be there, and no nuns I doubt they would aprove of a party where I was wearing this?" She pointed to the dress.

Iluvenis eased up a little when she heard DJ, and nat. She always had fun with them. She got another grin on hre face. Yeah they would probably say you were going to the bad place we can't say in school, but they talk about all the time.

"Little one they don't send a goddess can't go to hell; even a half one." She laughed.

That made her happy, she was glad to know her Mommy wasn't going. "What about fairies? Mommy, the nuns say I'm going because I believe in other Gods"

"That is because they just don't understand, hell is for evil people. You are not evil little one."

"But what if it's on a test or something, what do I put. I dont' want a bad grade because the nuns are stupid."

"Put what they tell you to put and know that they are wrong."

Iluvenis shrugged "Okay Mommy if you say so."

"Casie said Nat and DJ have trouble with the nuns too."

Iluvenis giggled, she knew all to well the trouble they were having. Perhaps they could talk about getting them back tonight. She went to her romom to get a bag ready.

She smiled as she watched her daughter go get ready and began to fix her hair. It was going to be tricky and she wanted it right so she used a bit of magic and soon her hair was exactly like it was in the picture. She then put on perfume and make up. She left the necklass Iluvenis had given her on. It was red and matched anyway. She added to that a paor of heart shaped ruby earing and smiled before she put the dress on.

She came back with a packed bag. It had a her favorite teddy bear, pjs, and her pillow. She also packed some stuff for Hopper. She walked back into the room, and saw how pretty her Mommy looked. "Wow Mommy you're sooo pretty!!"

She smiled as she looked at her. "Thank you Iluvenis. Now lets go get you to the nanny. Oh and I will make sure your grandfather comes to see you tomorrow." She looked over at the other box. "Lets open this before we leave." She picked it up and set it on the table. "We open it togeather." She began to lift one side of the box open.

"Okay Mommy." She walked over to the present, and started unwrapping, being a professional and all. "Mommy, you look inside.

She looked in and saw all the chocolate. "Oh my, I think this is suposed to be for both of us. There is no way I could eat it all alone."

Iluvenis's eyes grew great big. "Goodie, Chocolate!!! Let's save some for Grandma and Grandpa,..oh and Uncle Manny."

She smiled and laughed. "There is plenty for everyone. I need to go put up the teddy bear and the flowers and get Lady Inion's present. Then we can go. Take some chocolate with you."

Iluvenis remembered the last party where she had to stay with the nanny, had pizza and other goodies. "That's okay Mommy, I'll wait to see what they have there."

"Ok." She went to the room and put the teddy bear on the bed and got her gift for Inion. She put the flowers in the middle of the dining room table and then smiled down at her little princess."You ready?"

"Yes Mommy. Come on Hopper!!" Iluvenis called to her wolf, and took her mommy's hand.

Em took her hand and left the room. They went down to the next floor and she opened the door to the room the letter had indicated and then went in.

Iluvenis walked in with her mommy. Hiding behind her. Slowly she peeked around, and didn't see anybody. "I guess we're the first ones here?"

A woman in her forties came out of the kitchen area and smiled. "You must be Iluvenis. I am Martha. Natalie and DJ will be here shortly."

Illuvenis slowly stepped forward. "Yes Mam I'am." She motioned for Hopper to come beside her. "This is my friend Hopper, can he stay to?"

Martha smiled and looked down at Hopper. "As long as he dosen't try to stal food from the table he can stay." The room smelled like cookies and pizza. She looked at Emilia. "She is in good hands Miss Emilia." She reached a hand out to Iluvenis. "I think dinner is just about ready."

Iluvenis turned and faced her Mommy, and lifted her arms up to be picked up. "I love you Mommy, have a good time."

Em picked her up and kissed her forhead. "I love you too little one." She set her down. "I am sure I will have a great time." She put her back down and headed to the second floor ballroom.

Iluvenis watched her Mommy leave,. She then took Hopper, and sat down at a table and waited for her friends to arrive.


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