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The distraction

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The distraction

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:36 am

((I know how much this all sucks, but we had a slew of Birthdays that were all one right after the other, and some required special attention. So all this about Manny's Birthday was supposed to have happened around August 8th, that's his big day.))

Long red tresses rose up from the floor as Venis' hair was being pulled up into a pony tail on the top of her head. The dress she wore had long sleeves that belled at the ends, a fitted bodice, belted in gold, and a floor length skirt. It was pitch black and the neck line was a v cut. No, she wasn't going out, it was just what she was in the mood to wear.

The sun was beginning to rise so she headed to her desk and grabbed up her cell phone. She hit the number nine. She held the button until the peep stopped and the phone she was calling started to ring. She knew Gwendolan was a morning person, so she would be up. She would have probably stirred Manny a little by now, She did make noise, right?

The phone rang four times before there was a voice on the other side. She knew that Manny was hearing a song called Venus, by Bananarama. His idea of a joke. The lyrics he heard for his ringer were 'Goddess on the mountain top, burning like a silver flame. Goddess of beauty and love, and Venus was her name.' Yea, a very funny joke, now isn't it?

Manny yawned and stretched before rolling over to grab his phone off his nightstand. His beloved girlfriend was already out on the balcony praying to nature. It was her morning ritual. "This had bettered be good young lady, you're not too big for me to take over my Knee you know." Young, yea, she was two hundred and eighty-eight years older than him.

Laughter rang out through the phone. "Not too big, maybe. But too old, definitely." She was very full of cheer for it being so early in the morning. "I know it's your Birthday and all. And I know that you wanted to start rolling down that hill in peace today, but ..." Yea, ok, so he was only turning forty-five today. She still had to crack a joke too.

The grumbling, though not loud, was heard through the phone. "But you need me to do something. Ok, what is it?" She usually gave employees their Birthdays off. So what was so important that she needed him on this day of all days? He reached over and grabbed his wireless headset and turned it on, then stuck it in his ear as it connected to his cell phone.

She chuckled some more. "I do need you dear. But I need you tonight. For today, I have something for you. Can you come up to my room please?" She would give him a good reason to be gone all day, and away from Gwendolan so she could finish up the work she had started the day before. She had done her prep work for the formal dinner in V's room.

A yawn was the next sound that Manny would make. "Ok, I will be up after my shower. Bye." He hung up the phone and took the ear piece out of his ear, placing both back on the nightstand by his wallet. Then he threw back his covers and slid out of bed. Now, Manny lived in a room with only his girlfriend, so he only slept in what the God's gave him.

Venis had a huge grin on her face. "Thank you Manny. Bye." She sounded like a little girl trying to con her Daddy. That should have been Manny's first clue that something was up. When Venis hung up with Manny, she called to check on his reservation. She made sure that the new tuxedo was going to be there for him too. It all had to be perfect for tonight.

Manny headed to make himself a pot of coffee. From there he went to take a shower and wake up. When he got out of the shower he got dressed and went after a cup of the freshly brewed coffee before heading over to watch his beautiful angel out on the balcony. When she was done, he walked out and gave her a huge kiss upon her lips."Venis needs me love."

He told her that he loved her and kissed her again before he went after a second cup of coffee. Then h grabbed up his wallet, phone, keys, and all the other usual stuff and headed out the door. On the elevator ride up to the next floor he wished he was going to be with Gwendolan for the day. But he knew he'd see her tonight after work.
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Re: The distraction

Post by Employees of the Goddess on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:18 pm

Manny stepped off the elevator on the fifth floor and headed to room 501. He stepped into the doorway of the room and looked in before he walked in. "You rang Princess?" He walked over and sat down by the desk in a chair.

Venis just started laughing. "No one calls me that anymore other than JonLouis." The perfection of her French accent shining through when she spoke his name. It was as if she had been born speaking French. But then again ...

Manny started laughing himself. "Would you prefer Diva?" His tummy shook when he laughed after that comment. He ran his fingers through his hair. It was still a little damp from his shower. But he had rushed up here.

She laughed as she shook her head. "No, Princess works." She turned and reached for en envelope on her desk. She handed him the envelope with a wicked grin. "Happy Birthday old man." She smiled as she waited.

He took the envelope and slid his finger under the fold to tear it open. He pulled out the card to read it. 'Now that you've reached the top of the mountain ...' With a picture of a guy on the top of a really tall snow capped peek.

Then he opened it and took out the coupon inside so he could read he inside. '... You find that you're barely over the hill.' There was a shadow of a picture of an old man who is looking from the one mountain to the larger one before him.

He closed the card and looked at Venis. "Funny, very funny ... smart ass." He chuckled as he then looked at the coupon that had been inside. The coupon was for one trip to a men only day spa. And the appointment was for today.

He looked up at her and blinked. "Baby girl, you shouldn't have. Thank you." He was a little shocked. He wasn't exactly what they call Metrosexual. But sometimes a good back rub and a hot soak could feel real good on old muscles.

Venis just smiled. "Gwendolan knows that you will be gone all day. Her and I will find something to do. Also, because I need you to work a formal dinner tonight in the gazebo, you're tux will be there." She smiled some more.

She picked up a small pouch off her desk. "It's a new tux, you've earned it. Here's some GP's for your lunch and snacks and what ever. You can't spend your own money today." She handed it to him with a bright smile.

She stood up and pulled him up from the chair. "Now go, you have an appointment to keep. We will be fine without you for one day. Extra day off for you tomorrow. Now get out of here before you're late." She ushered him out the door.

Manny was laughing as he took the bag and got up from the chair. "Alright, I'm going, I'm going." He moved to the door as he was being practically pushed out of it. He headed out the door and back to the elevator. He headed out from there.
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Re: The distraction

Post by Employees of the Goddess on Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:56 pm

So Manny headed to the spa. He hadn't the chance to go tell Gwendolan. Venis had told him that he was on a schedule and that Gwendolan knew all about it. So he figured it was safe for him to simply go.

Once he was at the spa he underwent several treatments all meant to pamper and relax him. The first of which was a massage. It felt magnificent. Then he soaked in a tub of mud. Then he washed up and moved on.

He got his nails done. Fingers and toes. They clipped them, and filed them and smoothed them out and buffed them to a dull shine. He didn't want them to look like he was wearing nail polish. The guys would laugh.

He got his hair cut and styled so he no longer looked like a long haired biker. They shaved his bread into a nicely trimmed goatee. He looked younger somehow. He hoped Gwendolan would like it and not be mad.

He sat in a sauna for a while then took another shower. Then he got dressed in his new tux, complete with it's green tie and cummerbund, and headed back to the Inn. He had to work for a few hours now.
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Re: The distraction

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