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To kiss and make up. {Log}

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To kiss and make up. {Log}

Post by Lt. Seleen Darkite on Thu Sep 17, 2009 2:52 am

Shuda had been doing some research on certain things. Yes, he had been neglecting his future wife, so this was his way of making it up to her. That morning, before she woke up, he wrote her a note saying that he would be back tonight and just to make sure to be in the bed room. He wanted to surprise her.

When she woke up, she found the note. She read it and then tossed it over onto the table. She took a shower and got dressed. Then she poured herself a glass of blood wine and sat down to start writing out invitations again. This would be where he would find her when he got back, two bottles down, a third half gone, and her sitting there hand writing the dateless invitations.

While she worked on those invitations and two and a half bottles of blood wine, Shuda had a mission. His first stop was half way around Rhy'Din, at a giant volcano. When he got there he looked around and that was when he felt the rumbling. He knew what was coming next. He steadied himself for it as a giant red scaly head started to come up from the edge of the volcano. A yellowish eye focused in on Shuda as Shuda just kept looking up at the now 100 foot long red dragon.

The Dragon looked down at the human that was invading his area. He was about to open his mouth and just have a light snack, that was until he noticed in the human the spark of an elemental ...That intrigued him. ~What is a human doing with a spark of an elemental, a fire one at that?~ He moved his head so that he could look at Shuda with both eyes. He also leaned his head down so that he was still looking at the human, but now he was face to face with it.

He was not expecting it to go like this at all, but he answered the dragon none the less. "The spark was given to me when I sacrificed my life to protect the elemental. Showing its gratitude it sacrificed itself to save me. That is why I have it." He shuffled a little bit, he had fought a dragon before and he would not like having to fight one again. "But I am not here for pleasantries Honorable Dragon. I am here to make a request."

The dragon just looked at the human. The human was honest with his answer so he would not eat him. ~So what is it that you want from me?~ He was getting a little hungry.

He looked at the Dragon and with a straight face. "I would like to enter your home. Not for your loot, but for what the Volcano makes. And from what I understand is that your volcano is the hottest."

What could be heard around the area was a barking that sounded like a laugh ... Somewhat ... ~Pray tell, what could my home have that you want to walk into lava for? Lave which I do not think you will come out of, at least alive anyways.~

He did not falter at all as he looked at the dragon. "The black mineral. I have done a lot of research and your home has the most of it." He walked over closer to the dragon. "So may I enter to take some?"

The human had guts, walking up him like that. He liked that and again this time a chuckle could be heard through the humans head. ~Fine have fun, but if you start losing your skin and you start to yell, I will not come get you out. I will probably just bite you head off to make it a faster death.~ With that he just lowered his body as he just looked at the human. ~This should be entertaining.~

With what the dragon had said Shuda smiled. He got up close to the lava and took a deep breath. The area around him started to get hotter and he opened his eyes back up. The fire behind them was blazing, he went to test the lava and it was still to hot. He sighed, he needed to get hotter. So he closed his eyes and went deep into his body trying to find a way to get the area around him hotter to act as a barrier between him and the lava. That is when he more or less felt it. The spark of the element. It was close too, he reached for it, he slowly took his hand and enclosed it around the spark.

He opened up his eyes and it was a fire fury around him. He looked down at his hand and it was like his whole body was engulfed in flames. But they were of his own body. He had never experienced this before, it was new and energetic, but he did not look a gift horse in the mouth. He put his hand close to the lava and he did not feel anything. Actually it was a little cooler now, like luke warm thick water. So he put a hand in the lava, hoping his hand would not reappear as a charred mess. But to his relief it did not. He was able to remove his hand from the lava and move it. "Ok, this is different." With that, he slowly started to walk into the lava until his head disappeared under the surface.

The dragon was chuckling, waiting for his snack to start screaming in agony. Well, that was until he felt the rush of hot area coming off the human. So at that moment he just stared intently, then he saw the human slowly go up in flames. The odd thing was is that the human was not screaming what-so-ever, it was like he was the flames. ~Great, another flamer.~ He chuckled as he watched the human walk into the lava.

After two hours Shuda's head came out of the lava followed by the rest of his body. And in both hands was a fist size black stone. After about thirty minutes of just standing there, skin started to replace flames as his normal body came back. He staggered a little before looking at the dragon. "Thank you." With that, Shuda was gone.

The Dragon just looked as he saw this human come back out of the lava. And he watched s he returned to normal. Then when the human said thank you a took off he grumbled. ~What no tip, no nothing? Damn humans these days, not paying homage and thinking a thank you will do. I remember when, if there was nothing to pay homage with, we just ran sacked a town or city.~ This could be heard until the dragon started to dive into the lava.

After putting the gem in his bag he took a deep breath. "This one is going to suck." With that he ran over to the ocean, trying to remember the deepest part. Once he figure out where it was going to be, he pulled out a what looked to be a scuba mask and a scuba light. Once they were secure he started to walk into the water, and once he was about 40 feet under he ran to his destination.

Once he got to his destination, he could feel the pressure surrounding him. Thank God he was immortal or else he would not be able to survive this. He found the oyster that he was looking for, it was bigger than he thought, but he did not care. He put his hands around the lips of the oyster until he could feel the right groove for his hands to stick in. Then he pulled, or at least tried to pull open the oyster. Well, needless to say it opened up. Once he made sure it was secure, he moved his hand in to grab what was in there. It was about the size of his hand as he removed it from the oyster.

The oyster closed up just after his hand was removed. Once he had what was in his hand secure, he ran back up and out of the water. Removing the goggles he took a nice big, long breath. "Yes. I like breathing, even if I can't die from not breathing." With that he put the thing in his pack and took off again for another place. This time it was a meat house to get things for that night. He walked around town buying herbs and spices, meat, veggies and fruit. He wanted this night to be extremely nice.

He then went to the pasta house grabbing something from there, as well as a few bottles of sauce. He came back to their home and he smiled. That was until he looked down. His clothes were a little charred, he was not soaked anymore, but he sure did smell like salt water. So he put his stuff down and then ran to one of the lakes and jumped in.

He got out when he knew that the salt smell was off of him, and then he went back to their house and ran into their bedroom. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then took some clothes and ran back out. ~Hun, I am home, just do not come out yet, ok?~

She had smelt him before he even entered the house. She was quite thankful when he went away and came back smelling better. Sea salt was not the only scent the ocean could leave behind. She was rather shocked though, when he came through the bedroom door and kissed her. She returned his kiss, wishing it had lasted longer. She saw him as he grabbed a change of clothes and ran back out. She shook her head, smiled slightly, and returned to her task. ~Ok baby.~ That was all she said as she continued to write the invitations.

He took out the meat putting one in a bowl, he added a slight hint of garlic, rosemary, Italian spices, sea salt, teryaki and soy sauce. He put less seasonings on the other one than were on his before getting into the shower. After the shower he turned on the stove and put a big pan on it, when it was good and ready he put the steak for Seleen on it and it started to sizzle. He then started to cut up the onions, a few red peppers and a few greens, taking some in his hand, he put them in with her steak. He even added a little bit of mustard powder. Then he cut up some mushrooms and put them in with the steak. He made sure to turn her steak every few seconds because she was a vampire. After he was certain hers was done it put is own on to cook.

"Oh crap." He ran out the house to the cake place getting the cakes that he ordered and the wine shop getting two bottles of wine and then he ran back home. "Thank God for flash step." He chuckled as he turned his steak, putting the mushrooms, peppers and onions around it.

So many smells filling the house, even the faintest hint of Garlic. He would definitely be brushing and rinsing before kissing her. She thought his scent left the house again, but she caught his scent again so quickly that perhaps he wasn't gone after all. She closed her eyes and smelt the scents that were permeating the air. It was wonderful, save for that hint of garlic. But she was sure she would survive.

He smiled as he turned his steak a few more times, making sure that it was still red in the middle like he wanted it. He moved it to a plate before he headed to the table putting a few candles on it, then he played a little music on the CD player that sounded like it went around the room. He put the two cakes in the fridge and put the two bottles on ice. He walked into the bedroom and smiled as he saw her there. He put his hands over her eyes. "Beautiful."

She stopped writing when his hands covered her eyes. "Yes love?" She set the quill down so it wouldn't drip ink on the invitation she had been writing.

"Come on, I have something for you." He kept his hands over her eyes as he slowly walked her into the dinning room, then he removed his hands from her eyes. "I hope you like it." With that he walked over to her chair and pulled it out for her.

She rose from her seat and let him guide her into the dining room. When he removed his hands she blinked a few times so her eyes could adjust to the light. "What's all this baby?" She went over and sat down in the offered chair.

"To say I am sorry." He kissed her on the lips. It was a tender kiss. "I hope I can make it up to you."

She returned his kiss. "For?" She wanted to know if he was apologizing for being so busy that they barely had a moment together with their eyes open, or if he had committed some other punishable offense.

"For being so busy, with the move and all that we have not had that much time together." He moved to get a wine glass and acted all prime and proper as he took the blood wine, that was over 400 years old, and showed it to her. "I hope the lady likes the year."

She chuckled as she played along, but upon seeing what he held in his hands her mouth fell open and she caught her breath. "Oh God's Shuda." She couldn't believe he had found something so old. Back then, blood wine was made from noble blood. It was he way that a vampire would show that they were to be the new ruler of a land. It always tasted so clean and crisp.

He just smiled as he looked at her. "Well my lady, I assume the year suits you?" He slowly undid the cork taking her cup and he tilted it slightly so that when he poured it, it did not just drop into the wine glass but slid down the side to collect on the bottom, but he only put a little bit in there before handing it to her. "Would the lady like to taste it first?"

She took the glass and brought it to her nose, taking in a large whiff of the bouquet. Then she put the glass to her lips and let the liquid slide through her slightly parted lips to coat her tongue. She let the liquid softly brush against every surface of her palate and then she swallowed it down. "Amazing, though could you take it off the ice please love. Blood wine is best served warm." She smiled as she held the glass up for him.

"I am so sorry dear. I completely forgot about it needing to be warm." With that he pulled it out of the ice and put it between his hands so that he could heat it up. Once it was heated he put it back down for her to pour her drink and he got his own wine pouring some in before setting down across from her.

"Quite alright dear, I sometimes forget to chill your wine, so we'll call it even." She smiled as she poured herself a glass of the, now warm, ancient wine.

He smiled as he took a drink of his Chardonnay, nice vintage, 1730, imported from France. He sniffed a little before taking a small sip as he closed his eyes tasting it. He put down the glass and smiled. "Well my dear shall we eat."

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Re: To kiss and make up. {Log}

Post by Lt. Seleen Darkite on Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:25 am

She smiled. "I can't wait." She had smelt the food, it had actually made her a little hungry.

He smiled as he got back up and went to the kitchen. He brought out two plates, the one that was hers showed signs of a little blood here and there. His was cooked to a point. "Here you go m'lady." He placed it in front of her and then he put his down and he took a seat again.

She looked at the plate and smiled. The garlic was most definitely only on his steak, for that she was very thankful. "It looks delicious my love." She waited for him to be seated before she picked up her knife and fork and cut into her steak. The blood pooled at the cut and she smiled more. "Perfect" She took the bite and slowly closed her eyes as she savored the flavor.

"Thank you." He took his fork and put it into his steak and cut off of a portion and put it into his mouth. Yes, the steak was seasoned just right.

As she was chewing another bite of steak she reached her hand across the table for his, It had been a while since they had sat down to dinner together, she had been missing this time together.

He smiled as he moved his hand over to hers grabbing it. "Well how do you like it?"

She swallowed before she spoke. "It's delicious." She was enjoying the steak and the company. "I love you baby." She pulled her hand back so she could cut some more of her steak to eat.

He cut up a few pieces of the steak before placing his hand back out there to take hers. "And I love you too my sweet" He smiled as he took another piece into his mouth.

She took his hand in hers again as she ate some more steak. This was so nice. She was glad that they had the chance to do this. The last thing she wanted was to end up like Venis and Kahn.

He smiled as he ate another piece. Slowly the steaks were starting to go away as well as the wine, not by a lot mind you. But with the steaks being as big as they were, he had gone through two glasses of wine already.

She looked up at him and smiled as she swallowed yet another bite. "October 15th love." She waited to see if he knew what that date was.

He smiled as he nodded. "The first day that we meet. That would be a great day for use to get married."

She smiled the biggest smile of the night. "You remembered! I love you so much Shuda Darkite. I know it's still a bit away, but that gives us some time to finish up. I mean, with the move and all, it kinda set us back." She was happy beyond words at that moment.

He smiled as he looked at her. "Of course I would remember, why would I not? I mean it was the day a beautiful vampire fell on top of me." He chuckled a little before eating one of the last pieces of his steak.

She laughed. Her laughter having that whimsical tone to it that had been missing in recent weeks. "Yes, I did stumble upon the love of my life that night." She had thought that she wasn't going to be this happy again. But now all the sadness of the move was gone, everything could be as close to perfect as possible.

"I think it is time for dessert." With that he took his last bite of his steak. Then he went into the kitchen and came back out with two cakes. They were small, one for her and one for him. "I think you will like the cake. It took me a little while to find it, but I did."

She arched an eyebrow. He knew she wasn't a fan of sweets, so that meant he had done something special. "What did you do love?"

He smiled. "You will just have to stick your fork in it to find out huh?" He chuckled as he took a piece from his and took a bite. It was a New York Strawberry Cheesecake.

She stuck the fork into the cake and the smell hit the air. "Oh God's, no way." She brought the cake to her lips and ate the bite. She closed her eyes and moaned as she slid the fork from between her closed lips. She chewed slowly savoring the treat.

He smiled as he saw her take the cake the into her mouth. "It took me a very long time to find someone who did those cakes, but I did. Now I can get them any time that I want." He chuckled.

She just smiled. "You are so amazing." She ate another bite. He was making it up to her rather well.

He smiled. "I know. After dinner I have two more things to give you." He chuckled as he took another bite of his cake.

She ate some more cake. "What else could you possibly have for me love.?" She was curious, her eyebrow even arched.

"You'll see dear." He took another sip of his wine.

She chuckled as she ate some more of her cake. He had outdone himself this time.

They sat there eating their cake and, before long, both were done. "Well I have two more things for you." He got up and walked over to his bag and pulled out two things wrapped in cloth. "Close your eyes."

She did as he asked and closed her eyes, though she was unsure why.

He put the first one in her hand and slowly opened the folds of cloth on the first one. It was a black diamond. "Ok, open you eyes."

She opened her eyes and gasped at the biggest black diamond she had ever seen. "Shuda ... How ... Why?" She was astounded.

He smiled. "Well for the second response, it took me swimming in a pool of lava to find a big enough one, and for the third response, because I wanted to show you how much I loved you."

She smiled. "Awe honey." That had to be one of the sweetest things she had ever heard.

And he took the other one and put it in her and opened it for her. It was a mother of pearl with the rainbow look to it.

Seleen gasped seeing the pearl. "Oh dear God's Shuda." How spectacular. "Honey, you didn't have to do this."

"Yes I did. And besides I have a new thing I can do." He smiled. "So does this make up for the not being together that much lately?"

She smiled and nodded as she set her new treasures on the table. She got up and flung her arms around him planting the biggest kiss ever upon his lips.

He put his arms around her kissed her just as much. ~I love you~

The kiss was more short lived than she planned. ~I love you too my beloved. But bathroom, now please.~ The kiss was broken as she started to cough. She was too excited and had forgotten about the garlic. She picked up her glass of wine and polished it off.

He smiled as he walked off into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and used mouth wash. He came back out of the bedroom and walked back into dinning room. "Is everything ok?"

She nodded, the slightest tickle still in her throat. "I'm ok, now come here, I was in the middle of something important." She returned to the kiss throwing her arms around him again. She had missed being in his arms more than he would even begin to know.

He moved his hands over her body and kissed her again. ~Now what would you like to do?~

That was a simple question to answer. ~I want to make love to my future husband.~ She had missed making love with him lately.

~That is what I thought~ He picked her up and started to walk into the bedroom with her.
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