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Rooms 402 and 404 {closed}

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Rooms 402 and 404 {closed}

Post by Employees of the Goddess on Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:17 am

Venis had gotten two rooms for her employees when they relocated. This made for more room for everyone. Especially given that Manny was across the hall in room 203 with his girlfriend Gwendolan. But that didn't put an end to Manny's working or the other employees either. So Manny hit the door of room 202 with a resounding knock.

Shamus answered the door and let him in. He walked in with papers in his hands. "Gentlemen, as of right now, everyone has a six hour shift in the bar. It's open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So that's a shift for each of you every day. So I won't switch you guys around and exhaust you." He smiled. Then he got the papers.

He sat down at the desk and opened his pen so he could write. "Ok, one from each room for each shift. We have twelve am to six am, six am to twelve pm, twelve pm to six pm, and six pm to twelve am. So who's taking which shift? Keep in mind that Jason has to have the six pm to twelve am shift please." He wrote Jason into his shift and looked up.

Shamus spoke up first. "I'll take twelve am to six am. It's a good time to be awake." He walked over to see Manny write his name in the slot. Then he looked at his watch. "Hmm, maybe I should catch a nap." It wasn't like he had anything else to do at the moment. The men had been very busy at the other Inn, here, not so much.

Ivan walked over and looked at the paper. "I'll take six am to twelve pm Manny. I don't mind getting up early." It payed to be a morning person sometimes. If he worked that early shift the he would have afternoons and early evenings for other things. So his social life wouldn't fall apart. He liked the sound of that. He returned to his book.

Jason looked up from his homework and smiled. "Sounds good to me." His shift would give him time to do his homework before dinner. Which was very important to him because he was a senior and was going to graduate this year. He wanted to have the best grades he could get. Which wasn't hard for him, he was already an honor student.

William chuckled. "That leaves me with the twelve pm to six pm shift. Dinner shift works for me." He liked working dinner shift. It gave him a chance to get creative. he liked experimenting in the kitchen. And as far as his social life went, he would survive. He could have breakfast dates and overnight visits with friends. It worked good for him.

Manny nodded. "Thank you very much gentlemen. Like I said, all shifts will remain the same" He rose up from his seat. He walked over and checked Jason's homework progress with a smile. Then he headed out of the room. He went next door to room 204. When he was let in he repeated the speech about working in the bar to the four men inside.

Joseph spoke up first. "I'll take twelve am to six am with Shamus. I know a few fairies who have a habit of coming in around that time. Gives me a chance to see them when they get home." He knew how Fia and Inion liked to go clubbing sometimes, and they came in around that time. Fia had mentioned once that they had a tradition.

Paul smiled as he spoke up. "I'll take six pm to twelve am with Jason." He liked Jason, he was a good kid. Plus, if he had any questions or needed any help with his homework he usually came to Paul. So this way, he would be able to help him and it would get done on time. He liked that arraignment. Plus, after dinner was dessert time, which he liked.

Andrew chimed in, two shifts left, which would he take? "I'll take the breakfast shift wit Ivan. Gives me time for a life." Which he needed with as often as he was seeing Maddie lately. She made special trips up her just to see him. He thought it was very sweet. He just wasn't quite sure he was ready for what she was hinting towards quite yet.

That only left Keven, and one shift. "Good, I get dinner shift. I knew you guys were my best buds. I am looking forward to working dinner with William. He gets very creative and I get to help." He was rather happy about it turning out that way. He could have a life during other hours just like William, it was fine with him. He was quite happy.

With all the notes made Manny rose from the seat at the desk. "Thank you very much gentlemen, I will go make the copies of this for everyone." He headed out of the room to go back to his desk in his room so he could make the copies. Plus, it gave him another excuse to see Gwendolan. He loved sneaking time out of the day for time with her.
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