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The Goddess' B.o.O.

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The Goddess' B.o.O.

Post by Venis Jordianthan on Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:15 am

Once all of Venis' stuff was moved up to her room, and Krystal's as well, Venis went about unpacking. Her armoire and clothing trunks went into the larger of the two bedrooms. She was putting Krystal in the smaller one. She began to move other trunks around the big two bedroom suite in order to have things where they needed to be. She placed her very large ten inch diamond in front of the door to hold it open as she sat down at the desk and looked. She needed to move the desk to the other wall, so she did. Then it was perfect. She could sit at her desk and get a birds eye view of the stairs and would hear the ding of the elevator as well.

She opened the first trunk and right there on top was the hook that she had reshaped to hold Benjamin's hat. She thought for a moment, then thought she had better put it in her bedroom. So she headed down the hall to her room. She opened the door and turned to face the wall right beside it. She slammed the hook into the wall, and took the hat from her head. She hung it on the hook, that had been reshaped so it wouldn't mess up the hat, and then she left the room. Headed back down to get more things put away. After all, this was her new base of operations. So she had to at least have her desk unpacked and be ready to deal with business.
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