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The Healer is Inn

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The Healer is Inn

Post by Tasha Masterson on Sat Aug 15, 2009 2:52 am

Tasha and Ha'Ruil had finally gotten unpacked and moved into their fourth floor room in their new temporary home. Tasha was so happy to be making a fresh start. After all, she was away from the memories of things that went badly at the Tel'Ranaemyn Inn. She figured that she would see the one person around again sometime, after all, it was her best friends son. But it would be different. Maybe now she wouldn't picture bad events when she saw him and they could get back to being friends.

At least that was what she was thinking as she was setting up the experiment she had started over at the other Inn. She was trying to further her education in the field of medicine, and she had the best teacher to help her. But she still would have to go back to school to get a degree and become a doctor. So for now she was fine with the title of healer. And if anyone needed her, she wouldn't be too hard to find. She was just glad to be away from that pompous man at the other Inn.

She finished setting her experiment set up and moved onto getting her jewelry making supplies set up how she liked them. She was tinkering with a few things when she had a thought. "Ha'Ruil dear, with me being a healer, this room might get a little crowded at times. Are you going to be ok with that?" A simple enough question that she felt she needed to ask. After all, if it was going to be a problem, she would make other arraignments with the Inn Keeper. She would set up in another area or something.
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